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This story leaves me baffled and confused. Okay, so Ace wants to leave the Doctor and stay on Earth with Robin. Isn’t she risking being her own granny as this is the 1960’s? And the melancholy the Doctor experienced, wasn’t that encouraged and used by the beast to feed itself? And a really big plot point here – it’s so vast it’s intertwined into the Earth itself over half of England. So when it goes off to pursue supernova why doesn’t England just disappear off the map?

This story made me go meh. I understand it’s a novel and they’ve converted it into an audio drama but I just didn’t care about most of the characters. I even gave it a second listen to see if I would enjoy it more but no. Sadly no. The Doctor pining of Susan? That’s the 8th Doctor, not 7th. Talking about retiring? 5th. Refusing to help anyone and not considering the bigger picture – really just moping about? Oh dear. Pick anyone but the 7th Doctor for THAT. Sheesh. He’s not a moper in my book. So meh, not really so great.

Sylvester McCoy(The Doctor),Sophie Aldred(Ace),John Castle(Edmund Trevithick),Samuel Barnett(Robin),Katherine Jakeways(Jill),Edward Harrison(Dr Hawthorne),Jonny Magnanti(Lawrence),Tom Price(Sgt Barclay) andCarole Ann Ford(Susan)

Writer: Mark Gatiss, adapted by Kyle C Szikora

Director: Scott Handcock

Release: April 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019