Spaceport Fear (#170)

Big Finish Main Range

I really enjoyed this audio and even the fact that Bonnie Langford played multiple parts in it! I thought I detected her in other voices and I thought perhaps that there was a subplot about everyone looking like Mel but no, not here. I liked the story and how the Doctor and Mel go about helping the people stuck in Tantane spaceport for 19 generations. That’s a crazy amount of time, too! And it all comes down to the wailer creatures being on the attack and Elder Bones being an ancient, conniving thief type of guy.

My biggest issue with this story is the lack of interest the Doctor and Mel show for the terminology the people are using. One group calls themselves “business” and the other “economy.” As a listener I understand what they’re shooting for but I don’t expect Mel and the Doctor to ask no questions about that. Really? Did they just “get” it right away or did they not need any more information? Otherwise this is a fabulous story.

Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford

Writers: William Gallagher

Director: Barnaby Edwards

Release: February 2013

Laura Vilensky 2019