Three’s a Crowd (#69)

Big Finish Main Range

Three’s a crew! Hehehe. Go Doctor! After Erimem’s trauma of being taken over by the beings in Roof of the World, her eyes haven’t quite recovered and she’s feeling not herself. The things that the villain in that story convinced her of was that Peri and the Doctor didn’t need her. So she needs time to be actually with Peri and the Doctor and enjoy her travels. So far she’s been threatened quite a lot and has gone from threatening story to threatening story. She hasn’t had much of that fun down time that other companions mention off and on. But she’s earned a pedicure and sounds like she is definitely a team member for the Doctor. Peri wants her to stay but sometimes, it can get a bit crowded for the Doctor. I have to admit, Peter Davison’s Doctor is the only one who ever has to cope with having more than one or two at a time! He seems to usually surround himself with 2 or 3 companions, much more than the other Doctors.

Speaking of which, I can see why Nicholas Briggs is paring things down a bit as having storylines for two companions on a regular basis can be a bit trying. However, I think Erimem is an excellent compliment to the team. She keeps Peri’s more annoying characteristics – the WHINE and the yelling “Doctor! Doctor!” groan. I like that she’s a botanist but she’s just not very technical. And Erimem gives her a strong counterpoint who is less technical but also gives both Peri and the Doctor a new perspective on the things they’re used to. It’s a refreshing change and I want her to stay! Erimem and Hex. Sigh. Disappointing that they’ll leave so soon!

Anyway, back to the story! I like the agoraphobic nature of the inhabitants of the colony. Peri and Erimem are a force of nature for these people, pushing them to do things that they never considered previously. Though I think Auntie is an idiot. Believing the Khellians are benign and sending her relatives home. Sheesh. And she attacks the general with a bomb and isn’t injured at ALL??? Not believing that for a moment. I really love the characters in general as they behave as I’d imagine people would behave if they’ve never been around more than one or two people in their lives. Vidler the “extremist” is trying to organize people who are afraid of being in crowds—what a challenge!

I really love the concept of this adventure and that Erimem finds people more helpless than her that she can help out. It reminds her of what is fun about traveling with the Doctor or else she could leave as they would have a place for a leader like her. Many options and excellent characters. It’s not quite strong enough to earn a 5 because the villains (Auntie AND the Khellians) aren’t as intriguing as the colonists. They’re standard bad guys with guns and Auntie’s the ignorant leader who comes around at the end. Blah, blah, blah. Believable but not intense due to the threat, that’s for sure!

Peter Davison, Nicola Bryant, and Caroline Morris

Writer: Colin Brake

Director: G-Russell

Release: May 2005

Laura Vilensky 2019