The Wreck of the Titan (#134)

Big Finish Main Range

This episode is definitely heading toward some sort of alternate reality conclusion to the Jamie trilogy, but it’s still pretty spectacular. I love Jamie being with the Sixth Doctor though they’re mostly separated for the extent of this episode. There are all kinds of cool characters and it all ends with some mysterious white pages fluttering everywhere, all referring back to the Second Doctor episode The Mind Robbers. I just watched it recently and it’s a rather bizarre story with lots of storybook characters in it, just like The Wreck of the Titans. But there are factions and things going on that we just don’t know about yet.

The Mind Robbers was very cheesy in terms of the effects but that’s to be expected. But a story with people being put into stories and menacing white robots with Gulliver wandering in and out of the scenes was bizarre in a wonderful way. And this trilogy is heading in that direction for sure. Loved this story with Captain Nemo and the mysterious companions for the Doctor and Jamie. I just hope that Jamie gets to stick around. The strangeness does detract from the story a bit and the wackiness of the bad guy and the mystery of the “oil” do sidetrack the story. But they are all moving towards the conclusion of the trilogy so they’re useful in the overall story. This is definitely a great trilogy for the Sixth Doctor!

Colin Baker and Frazer Hines

Writer/Director: Barnaby Edwards

Release: May 20102

Laura Vilensky 2019