Return of the Daleks

Big Finish - Special Release

Though this story takes awhile to get going, this story is a nice dovetail into Dalek Empire. Though which version I don’t know as I haven’t purchased or listened to them. I rather enjoy the plotline concepts that I’ve heard but I just haven’t committed to the purchase! The Doctor lands on Zaleria and Susan Mendes and Kalendorf are there, doing their “great work” for the Daleks. But the Daleks have an army hidden underground in stasis and the natives of the planet have their own secret to keep, that the Daleks uncover. The story ends on a sour note for Kalendorf and the Doctor but the resolution is quite satisfying.

The story takes you back and forth between the two “groups” for the two stories and I think it’s probably a fantastic crossover. I really enjoy it but the missing pieces of the puzzle might make it better. But I still really like it. Acting and storyline are up to the usual Big Finish standards. There’s even a strangely accented Dalek in the cast! And it turns out the Daleks and the Doctor are on Spiridon, not Zaleria as well. Take from that what you will…

Sylvester McCoy, Gareth Thomas (Kalendorf), Sarah Mowat (Susan Mendes)

Writer: Nicholas Briggs

Director: John Ainsworth

Release: December 2006

Laura Vilensky 2019