Good Night Sweet Ladies (1.2)

Big Finish Bernice Summerfield Box Set

We briefly hear Ace’s voice as a ghostly presence and Benny sees remnants of her presence in the explosives she left behind. And there are only two people here besides Benny and a Dalek, Claire and Steven. Benny is confused and so are we for awhile. But the payoff is quite the emotional storm for Benny. And it’s very, very well done. I haven’t followed her adventures so I didn’t know about her history and this still was extremely powerful.

The one thing I didn’t like is that the end has an “epitaph” with the Doctor speaking the title. I wasn’t sure of the point. Benny is off to follow Ace and her adventures move on but who are the ladies? Claire? Benny? Ace? I’m just not sure at the end. The start of the story has Benny speaking to someone/something on a respirator or at a hospital, it’s not clear. But it sounds like she’s waiting for someone to die and yet, at the end of the story, it’s not quite clear what that was. A different reality? But the emotional pull and the running around is definitely worth the listen!

Lisa Bowerman, Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, John Finnemore (Steven), Sheila Reid (Claire), Nicholas Briggs (Dalek)

Writers: Una McCormack

Director: Scott Handcock

Release: June 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019