Living Legend

Big Finish - Special Release

Well you can’t go wrong with a little humor, that’s for sure! This story really brings back the mood of the 8th Doctor – Charley stories that have been gone for awhile at this point (2014). The Doctor and Charley play act their parts to perfection! It’s quite the humorous little story of an attempted alien invasion of the Earth of a humorless species called the Threllips. Thus these Threllips become the straight men for the joke that Charley and the Doctor play on them. Really excellent stuff! Quite a fun story even for the short length. And with the effects on their voices, you really don’t know that Conrad Westmaas (aka C’rizz) plays the worker bee, as it were.

Paul McGann, India Fisher, Conrad Westmaas (Thon), Stephen Perring (Vengorr)

Writer: Scott Gray

Director: Gary Russell

Release: July 2011 (originally Nov. 2003)

Laura Vilensky 2019