The Twilight Kingdom (#55)

Big Finish Main Range

An underground beast who is one with the ground? Placed there by the Divergents? Well, this one isn’t high on the level of scary monster bad guys, that’s for sure. And with all of the adventures underground, how the creature uses psychic energy to influence everyone to hang about (except Janto), it’s all not very intense or exciting. The people come from another planet to hunt Koth, the rebel general, and get sucked into the situation. How come they don’t ever report back but no one comes to follow up? This is the follow up team so what’s next? No one’s concerned? Seems a bit odd. I can understand the apathy of the people there, in the camp, but not the ones that are outside of it.

Ending is okay. Nothing exciting overall.

Paul McGann, India Fisher, and Conrad Westmaas

Writer: Will Shindler

Director: G-Russell

Release: March 2004

Laura Vilensky 2019