Frozen Time (#98)

Big Finish Main Range

Genevieve—was she a companion of the Doctor for awhile? The ending of this story indicates that it was a possibility. Hmmm. That’d be interesting, for sure. Never know who could become a space and time traveler!

I am not sure I like the audio extras anymore. It feels like they make the audios shorter to fit the story AND all of the extras on the CDs. Sheesh. It just doesn’t feel right. They prefer talking about the audio adventures and the stuff they did for the adventure more than doing the adventure. So will it soon go to one CD of story and one of extras? There are some of us who prefer the story to the extras. Perhaps I’m just alone in that…

<spoiler alert!>

On to the story! It was a good one, I’ll admit. I didn’t know what villains were coming up until I looked at the titles of the “pieces” on my iPod. Then I was like DUH. Of course! The Ice Warriors in the Antarctic. Makes total sense. Why would the ice warriors put a prison on Earth? Seems odd yet it is the nearest habitable planet to Mars so sure, a place not on Mars that’s still cold enough to keep them but for millions of years? It’s a bit confusing to consider how long they’ll be there. Sheesh. Odd but it’s all down to the alien technology and it’s uses.

<spoilers done>

This story is definitely a fun one! There’s mystery as to what’s going on at first, as the Doctor fumbles his way around. How he enters the story is totally amazing, actually. Chalk up another ability to that Time Lord physique! His amnesia is understandable and it’s used well, not overdone. There’s a lot of running around where the bad guys find the good guys really quickly and easily—must be a small dig site in the Antarctic! But the plot hangs together rather nicely. It’s not a 5 jelloid rating because it’s just not super-memorable. There are many good stories in the long list of Big Finish audios that are just not all that memorable. Or at least not to me. On the other hand, it’s a short list of good audios that I remember as being good. Can’t wait to get to Night Thoughts, for example. Oooeee. Spookyville! I think this one is just another well acted, well written play that is lumped in with the others. Very good but not all THAT memorable.

Sylvester McCoy

Writer: Nicholas Briggs

Director: Barnaby Edwards

Release: August 2007

Laura Vilensky 2019