Charley Pollard Series II

Big Finish, Charley Pollard Adventures

I was actually quite amazed at what I heard – Charlie at her sarcastic best! Charlie, Robert, and he who is later known as Bertrum land on Earth in a railway station in England, specifically Embankment Station. And something is awake and trying to kill them there. So there’s lots of meeting people, being put into cells, running away from the killing machines, and figuring things out. A bit, anyway. Though ultimately it is Bertrum that knows what’s going on but since he’s the rogue Viyran, that is to be expected. Charlie doesn’t know a lot but she’s willing to try things and doesn’t panick easily. Robert really grows in this set, from panicking newbie on the adventure to someone who can handle adventure.

Though I have to admit the ending was a bit frustrating. Taken away to a spider planet of the Gelrasians, enslaved for 10 years, then Bertrum comes back through the Ever and Ever Prolixity but not the rescue them but the cull them? I am so confused as to the point if they’re just canon fodder ultimately. Not that everyone has to live happily but London’s been destroyed because of the Viyran “machine” and that’s what he needs to have happen? It’s very strange and not very satisfying. Charlie survives all of the craziness to have death everywhere and she possibly survives due to the Prolixity? But who knows. We will hopefully find out in series III. If Nick Briggs can make the time to write it, anyway. J

India Fisher(Charlotte Pollard),James Joyce(Robert Buchan),Dan Starkey(Rogue Viyran),Deirdre Mullins(Naomi Davies),Kieran Hodgson(Woking),Ashley Kumar(Rab),Rachel Atkins(Minister),Helen Goldwyn(Lysette Allegro),Pippa Haywood(Prime Minister),Colin McFarlane(The Identical Men),Karen Henson(Madeline),Gary Turner(Captain Warwick),Ben Crowe(Sergeant Hunter),Glen McCready(David Shillingford/Gelrasian/Guard/Proto-Viyran/Donald Predko/Soldiers). Other parts played by members of the cast

Writer/Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: March 2017

Laura Vilensky 2019