The Third Doctor: Vol 3

Big Finish, Special Release

The Conquest of Far

-by- Nicholas Briggs

This story has it all! Torture, bravery, betrayal, love, and action. And it even has Daleks! I am not a fan of Daleks for the most part, though they certainly are cunning adversaries for the Doctor. They just aren’t as realistic and frightening to me as Cybermen. But here they are ruthless in allowing people to live just as much as exterminating them. And Tim Treloar has fully settled in to the 3rd Doctor role at this point. It’s quite amazing to hear him speak in the interviews in his natural voice as he’s really got the cadence of the 3rd Doctor down.

Storm of the Horofax

-by-Andrew Smith

A supposedly harmless alien, Arianda, is shot in a military exercise and is rescued by a submarine. Her protestations are obviously false from the start and absolutely, we discover, she is not harmless but out to exterminate the human race. In some ways, the Horofax are worse than Daleks as they take away a persons history and sense of self. So she is trying to destroy the humans before they rebel and she is the last of her kind, a Provost with powers beyond understanding, though not god-like by any means. This one is creepy and fantastic. What a box set!

Tim Treloar(The Doctor),Katy Manning(Jo Grant),George Watkins(Delralis),John Banks(Jickster),Amy Newton(Elaquon),Robin Weaver(Arianda),Iain Batchelor(Adam Rigg),Robert Hands(Major Hardy / Crewman),Richard Derrington(Commander Burton),Ian Cunningham(Sinko / Ronson / Lieutenant),Jake Dudman(UNIT Radio Operator) andNicholas Briggs(The Daleks)

Writer: Nicholas Briggs, Andrew Smith

Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: August 2017

Laura Vilensky 2019