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Big Finish, Special Release

Sometimes the simplest stories are the best! There was only one seeming mistake in the story, perhaps put in on purpose, where John Smith became “the Doctor” in the telling of the tale, though the protagonist, James Williker, doesn’t ever know his “real” name. This story is fantastic because it’s so condensed and doesn’t need to be longer. The story begins in the middle, with James Williker figuring out he’s at a street that doesn’t exist yet, taken there by a cab driver who is a time traveler. This story is a discussion between two characters and yet, though it deals with the theory and practicality of historical information vs. history itself, Williker doesn’t come out better off in the end. The ending is a bit sad but story is just riveting in between. Fantastic stuff!

Narrator: John Banks

Writer: Andy Lane

Release: December 2012

Laura Vilensky 2019