The Warren Legacy

Big Finish - Short Trips Bonus Episode

(bonus subscriber short trip tale)

This story has the Doctor and Romana as only a secondary part of the tale yet prominent in it as well. The story opens with The Governor of a colony on another world, where Lord Samuel Warren is a thorn in his side, wishing for Lord Warren to be never born. And so the story begins, with the Kwill, assassins who will do as the Governor wishes – make sure Lord Samuel Warren is never born by killing off his ancestors. And the tale moves on, with Lord Samuel Warren eventually telling everything to the Doctor and Romana.

This is story that uses the twist of time travel is a rather profoundly straightforward way and makes for a fantastic story! The only issue I have is with the ultimate end of the last Kwill as that seems rather unbelievable. The name your enemy is to defeat him? Otherwise the story is extremely well done, atmospheric, with a great plotline.

Stephen Critchlow (narrator)

Writer: Julian Richards

Release: September 2015

Laura Vilensky 2019