Last Day at Work (8.x)

Big Finish - Short Trips Season 8

This story may be short but wow does it ever have some serious twists and turns going for it! There is an anomaly and it appears to be wrapped up somehow with retiring Constable Bernard Whitcolm. He keeps hearing the TARDIS in his head and it distracts him very much whenever he does. This is 1970 so it’s been five years of mystery for him. The 2nd Doctor and Jamie arrive at his retirement party and delve into the mystery pretty quickly, as Barnard Whitcolm’s parents are almost the same age as he is. Not that Emma Clarke cares, who is his significant other in waiting. Or is she?

A bit technical and confusing at times, oddly. Not that it’s annoying but it was noticeable at moments, where I just had to keep on going. But it was really quite well done overall! I’d like to see this new writer do more stories for Big Finish as they would fit right in. Great stuff!

Narrator: Nicholas Briggs

Writer: Harry Draper

Director: Alfie Shaw

Release: December 2018

Laura Vilensky 2019