The Shadow at the Edge of the World (1.2)

Big Finish, Charley Pollard Adventures

This story begins with Charley escaping into the Ever and Ever Prolixity from the end of The Lamentation Cipher. Then the adventures really get pumping as she’s dumped on an unknown world, in a jungle, wakes up to have a gun pointed in her face by Mrs. Turnerman, it appears. She even has “powers” to push back the Slaverings eventually. This story has a sad twist that we understand far before the characters involved do, that’s for sure. Except perhaps Emmaline, though her descriptions of the things going on are tainted by her early 20th Century language.

It’s 1913 and Charley’s definitely back on Earth. And there are Viyrans, of course. Can’t have one of these stories without the Viyrans being involved! There is a lot of running around in a jungle, shooting the Slaverings, and eventually finding the lost temple the remains of the archaeological team is looking for. With the temple and the final reveal on the details coming at the same time, of course!

This story gives us a glimpse into what Charley is in for if she goes on further adventures. Falling into situations and having some ability to question and look for answers beyond the running and being threatened. She’s taken the lessons of life with the Doctor and used them well! And she’s almost as old as the Doctor at this point, too. Oh my.

India Fisher, Michael Maloney (Viyrans), Nicolas Briggs (Bert Buchan/The Slaverings), Jacqueline King (Mrs Turnerman), Abigail McKern (Susan Broadstairs), Nicola Weeks (Charity Savage), Lucy May Barker (Emmaline Leigh), Charlie Norfolk (Violet Warren)

Writer: Jonathan Barnes

Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: May 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019