Red Planets (#241)

Big Finish Main Range

Ace is in 1963 in East Berlin while the 7th Doctor and Mel are in 2017, watching the celebration of Malecosia, the communist block of countries that includes western Europe. While a team of scientists is almost at Mars in 2017, they are pulled off course to land at an already existing base that wasn’t supposed to be there.

It's all unrolling at a rather quick pace but it wasn’t too confusing overall. There are multiple points in the timeline that are colliding at both locations and Ace really is doing an important task. Imagine if a bomb went off in Berlin in 1963? This is a feasible alternate future for the world, that’s for sure. More war-based and just more final, with war destroying everyone on Earth. A depressing possible end to the human race, that’s for sure. A riveting tale I was worried would be too dark at first but it ended up being just dark enough.

Sylvester McCoy(The Doctor),Sophie Aldred(Ace),Bonnie Langford(Mel),Matt Barber(Tom Elliot),Elliot Levey(Colonel Marsden),Genevieve Gaunt(Anna / Commander of Phobos Mission),Max Bollinger(Sokolov),Chris Dale(Mission Control / Voice of Map / George / Television Announcer). Other parts played by members of the cast.

Writer: Una McCormack Director: Jamie Anderson

Release: August 2018

Laura Vilensky 2019