The Dispossessed (#242)

Big Finish Main Range

There is a strange reading that the 7th Doctor wants to investigate. Isn’t that how half of the adventures start? So the team lands on a desolate planet where a war happened and they get into a force field protected area, where something strange is going on. There is a being controlling everything. Well, his equipment is controlling everything in an attempt to keep him alive. So an apartment building is both under siege from him as he is a powerful telepath and the savior of the people remaining, who are few by the time the Doctor, Ace, and Mel arrive.

It’s quite a bleak story, with zombified people, a guy with a brain tumor, and an alien bent on revenge. The danger is both physical and mental for the team, with too many strange things going on to account for all of it. I enjoyed this story though it has elements of standard horror and scifi these days. Zombies everywhere! But it absolutely makes sense here.

Sylvester McCoy(The Doctor),Sophie Aldred(Ace),Bonnie Langford(Mel),Morgan Watkins(Ruck),Anna Mitcham(Jan),Stirling Gallacher(Isobel),Nick Ellsworth(Arkallax). Other parts played by members of the cast.

Writer: Mark Morris

Director: Jamie Anderson

Release: September 2018

Laura Vilensky 2019