O Tannenbaum (7.12)

Big Finish - Short Trips

Stephen and the 1st Doctor land in a forest that is silent and still, with a strong smell of cedar and pine. There is a small cottage they wander to in the bitter cold, where a dying man and his granddaughter are ultimately trapped by a legacy of the trees. Stephen doesn’t understand what’s going on but the Doctor does much sooner. And he has something to say for the trees. Apparently chopping them down doesn’t kill them, either!

So the Doctor has a little chat with the youthful forest, making them understand that they can live in harmony with humans. A lecture worthy of the 1st Doctor, that’s for sure! I really enjoy this one and though it does become a bit obvious what’s going on before the story is told, it doesn’t take away any of the power of the tale.

Narrator: Peter Purves

Writer: Anthony Keetch

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: December 2017

Laura Vilensky 2019