Static (#233)

Big Finish Main Range

I absolutely loved this story! It was a bit confusing at first as it was hard to understand what was really going on. Andy and Joanna arrive at a caravan site (recreational vehicles to us Americans) where they are staying to relax. However, they’re not supposed to use electronics and of course they do, prompting a strange mist to roll in and Susannah, Joanna’s sister who drowned a year before, to arrive. Though of course the Doctor, Constance, and Flip also arrive in time to work on the mystery. Flip stays while the Doctor and Constance head back 40 years to find out what’s going on! There are strange goings on which eventually result in the death of Connie in a fire 40 years before.

Ultimately everything works out, as you know it would! But I have some major plot issues with this story. If the Static are just waiting for the Doctor to return, why not go after him when he first arrives, before he finds out what’s going on? Though if he doesn’t go back to the past nothing would be kicked off. But they don’t know that! And my other big problem is the leader of the Static is left behind in the Doctor’s head yet the fog retreats. It’s a quarantine area and the fog shouldn’t retreat if even one Static is left behind, supposedly. So wait, he is but isn’t? The story just moves along effectively and I love the acting. I just had a bit of a problem with the Static as the monster in this story…

Colin Baker(The Doctor),Lisa Greenwood(Flip Jackson),Miranda Raison(Mrs Constance Clarke),Scott Chambers(Andy Clover / Sergeant Webster),Pippa Nixon(Joanna Nash),Jo Woodcock(Susannah Nash),David Graham(Percy Till),Brian Protheroe(Captain Hardwick),Chris Dale(Soldiers / Static)

Writer: Jonathan Morris

Director: Jamie Anderson

Release: December 2017

Laura Vilensky 2019