The Dalek Occupation of Winter (5.1)

Big Finish, The Early Adventures, Season 5

Well, well, well. The new series of old adventures is running along at speed and it’s fantastic! With the Daleks, nothing ever can be negotiated and the leaders of this town called Winter eventually find that out. It’s a very sinister story, with the Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Susan finding themselves on a planet where it is winter time forever; both physically and emotionally, I’d say. They have found a planet where people are voluntarily working for the Daleks and the Daleks aren’t subjugating the people, which is strange enough. Then we discover the reasons and the method behind the madness…

Of course the companions cannot just leave this to stand and the truth comes out with them around. But the conclusion of the story is so very typically Dalek. Sad and scary. A tense story at times that made me want to run away and hide! Not really into the scary Daleks who are nice to humans! Spooky.

Maureen O'Brien(Vicki),Peter Purves(Steven Taylor),Shvorne Marks(Amala Vost),Robert Daws(Gaius Majorian),Sara Powell(Jacklyn Karna),Matthew Jacobs-Morgan(Kenrik Vost) andNicholas Briggs(The Daleks). Other parts played by members of the cast.

Writer: David K. Barnes

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: September 2018

Laura Vilensky 2019