Hour of the Cybermen, #240

Big Finish Main Range

I do love the Cybermen stories! Though I found it obvious who the turncoat was from the first time the character was introduced in this story. Honestly, I don’t remember these characters from a previous episode. Not the memorable? Hmmm.

The Cybermen really come through on this one, though it’s never really clear what the dehydration weapon is. I would think they would go back to that weapon on a regular basis if they did! It’s very effective. On any species, really. Even the Cybermen, if you think about it, as they are part soft tissue as well, even with their brains, no?

The aliens, Riva, Atriss, and Kel, are luring the Cybermen in for revenge but honestly, I’m not sure they’ve thought through the consequences of their actions too much. The Cybermen make good on their threats and almost destroy the Earth but of course the Doctor manages to stop them. With Daniel Hopkins, the partially converted Cyberman waiting in the wings for the next story…

Colin Baker(The Doctor),David Banks(Cyber Leader),Mark Hardy(Cyber Lieutenant),Frog Stone(Riva),Blake Harrison(Daniel Hopkins),Wayne Forester(Atriss / Bill Parker / Captain Weaver),Russ Bain(Lewis Price / Kel). Other parts played by members of the cast.

Writer: Andrew Smith

Director: Jamie Anderson

Release: July 2018

Laura Vilensky 2019