Authentic Experience (8.01)

Big Finish - Short Trips Season 8

This story crams a LOT into a small timeframe. There is a virtual reality device that this story centers around, where some tourists have been put back into Earth’s past. Fortunately the tale ends well for Peri and the Doctor after he uses his technological know-how to bring the time-hopping VR device’s usefulness to an end. The framing of a buy, Peri, who is sensitive to war while his comrades make fun of him starts us off, which is very confusing at first except for Nicola Bryant’s soothing tones and the use of the name Peri, I would’ve been worried I’d gotten the wrong story! I rather enjoyed the storyline overall, as Peri is shunted from location to location to pull the tourists out of history. But when the Doctor’s technical wizardry isn’t really explained much but we just trust he’ll take care of it, I find it all a bit more tedious. I enjoy the nonsense explanations, even as I get lost in them. I like that it all comes together, too! Good stuff and very well done for such a short time frame.

Narrator: Nicola Bryant

Writer: Dan Starkey

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: January 2018

Laura Vilensky 2019