Mel-evolent (8.02)

Big Finish - Short Trips Season 8

Though the atmosphere and genre of this story was spot on, it felt more like a Halloween type of story. And I think it fit Mel just fine except that the issue in the TARDIS was a bit, well, odd. The situation didn’t make much sense. Why would someone reveal their plot to crash the Doctor’s TARDIS into another one, whether intentionally or not? Any taking Mel’s form doesn’t seem like an intelligent choice since she could’ve been far more crazy or evil that her witchy counterpart. Has she been watching the TARDIS crew for awhile? If so, she’d’ve realized that this is not the team to try to take out as they’re very good at solving problems. And destroying villains. Overall premise is good but it just didn’t work for me. Worth a listen for Mel!

Narrator: Bonnie Langford

Writer:Simon A Forward

Director: Helen Goldwyn

Release: February 2018

Laura Vilensky 2019