The Middle (#232)

Big Finish Main Range

This story is fantastic and unique! Finally, something for the 6th Doctor that fits him perfectly – things are going on and both of his companions have to do their parts to figure it all out. Constance has the more useful part while Flip is doing more running around. Constance puts the Doctor’s plan in place when he figures one out, in the 4th act. And that is what the 6th Doctor is best at! Figure it out towards the end, gets a plan immediately, then puts it in action. Diametrically opposed to his successor, that’s for sure. But that’s what he does so well!

This story also has an interesting premise – the kids, up to 35, get to play and do whatever they want. Then the middle aged, 35 -70, do the office work to keep things running, and the 70+ years go to “the End” where they get into mechanized suits and fight in a war. Mind you, what happens with the babies? The 5 and under set really can’t take care of themselves… Do they have kids? This isn’t dealt with during the story but it’s not needed. Just seems like the under 35 set with no rules isn’t really going to work out that well. They’re the ones that need the rules the most. Hmmm. But I didn’t think about that until after the story was done so it didn’t take away from my enjoyment at all.

So the Middleman is running it all and we discover that it’s all the plan of management. It’s a fascinating scheme and speaks to corporations running the lives of people without them even realizing it. This story really just hits the right tone and capabilities of the 6th Doctor. Excellent stuff!

Colin Baker(The Doctor),Lisa Greenwood(Flip Jackson),Miranda Raison(Mrs Constance Clarke),Mark Heap(The Middleman),Sheila Reid(Janaiya),Wayne Forester(Roman),Hollie Sullivan(Olivia York),Chloe Rickenbach(Chloe)

Writer: Chris Chapman

Director: Jamie Anderson

Release: November 2017

Laura Vilensky 2019