The Night Before Christmas

Big Finish - Short Trips

Christmas has become a nightmare of the undead walking and Krampus terrorizing the population. And the famous poem “Then Night before Christmas” isn’t what it was or should be but instead, is a cautionary tale against Christmas excess. But that’s not what the Doctor remembers of the story. It’s more of a horror story instead of a cheerful Christmas story so the Doctor must help him fix it. The Drephan are inside of Clement Clarke Moore, bringing the horror to Christmas as that’s what Moore’s dreams of the season are. He didn’t have a happy childhood so he dreams of everyone else having a horrible Christmas and the Drephan make it happen.

Ultimately the Doctor fixes it but of course it’s up to Clement to actually make the bad dreams of Christmas go away, as he is the initial cause of it all. It’s a rather dark re-imagining of what can go wrong for Christmas but it’s good. And fits the 7th Doctor quite well!

Narrator: Stephen Critchlow

Release: December 2017

Laura Vilensky 2019