Kill the Doctor (7.7)

Big Finish, Fourth Doctor Series 7.8

In classic Dr Who style, the first of this two parter doesn’t reveal the villain until late in the story and things get quite odd and messy. The Doctor and Leela land on Drummond, a planet where practically everyone is a slave to their handheld device, and the new app But we find out that the voice crushing Rania in her head, causing her so much pain throughout, is none other than Sutekh, the man with the mask, as Leela refers to him. And chaos is happening on Drummond, with security forces controlling everything and now, the Doctor is the target of the minions enslaved to And Sutekh is determined that they should kill the Doctor!

And apt title and description of what’s going on. Things progress pretty quickly on Drummond and with the help of Dupree, a cop who has corpse finger, the Doctor forces Sutekh’s hand. And boy does he deliver, turning the city into an Osiran city instead at the end of the story. I was happy to move to the next story and leave the chaos behond.

Tom Baker(The Doctor),Louise Jameson(Leela),Sophia Myles (Rania Chuma), Gabriel Woolf (Sutekh), Eleanor Crooks (Kendra), John Dorney (Charlton Joyce), Barnaby Edwards (Ash/ Stall Owner/ Shop Keeper/ Barge Captain/ Dupree). Other parts played by members of the cast.

Writer: Guy Adams

Director: Nicholas Briggs, Ken Bentley

Release: May 2018

Laura Vilensky 2019