J&L Revival Act I (7.03)

Big Finish, Short Trips Season 7

This one has a rather strange setup – Professor Litefoot is presenting his “paper” to group of colleagues and Jago interrupts in order to tell the story with him. Because story it is, of them both facing strange monsters, called the dice men, who feed on good fortune. They’re separated by miles but not by adventure, that’s for sure!

And Litefoot meets up with one version of the Doctor while Jago meets up with another. So their adventures begin, with George going off on vacation, finding a harmonica, and summoning the Dice Men unwittingly, then running, running, running with the 10th Doctor in his final days. Jago, in the meantime, finds some giant spiders in the basement of the New Regency. Then he’s off and running with the 11th Doctor.

This story begins their adventures and is quite the fun start to it all. It seems a bit thin on the reason they’re actually discussing this adventure but it is a great start to the story!

Christopher Benjamin(Narrator),Trevor Baxter(Narrator)

Writer: Jonathan Barnes

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: March 2017

Laura Vilensky 2019