Tuesday (extra)

Big Finish - 8th Doctor Short Trips

This story has the 8th Doctor and Harry Sullivan in an adventure in two parts. First there is the Doctor trying to talk to Harry in a different Earth, where it's Tuesday, Christmas day, but there is no Christmas being celebrated. Then they move on, up to the alien vessel in orbit around the Earth, where the explanation for the strange differences in reality are explained. It's quite the entertaining short tale, though it's a bit lacking in the running around-adventure part. Which isn't horrid or anything! It does seem odd that the 8th Doctor is the one to visit Harry and set things right. What about a Doctor he knows instead of one he doesn't? It doesn't hugely distract from the story and though I love the title, most of the action takes place on Wednesday. It was a lovely, fun story!

Narrator: Stephen Critchlow

Writer: Tony Jones

Release: December 2018

Laura Vilensky 2019