J&L Revival Act II (7.04)

Big Finish, Short Trips Season 7

The duo starts running in the previous story and continues in this story. Mind you, they do stop to actually try to stop the Dice Men at some point but they do it with their separate incarnations of the Doctor. Now they’ve met 4 Doctors, though not together for all of them. And it seems like this story is mostly about the Doctor solving the problem. I kept expecting Jago and Litefoot to actually step in and finish off the villains as that’s what they do. Ultimately Litefoot does to exactly that and the duo helps each other out by telling stories of their lucky and adventures. Though I’m not sure how the harmonica helps in the end but it works! And this is a fantastic end to the story.

Christopher Benjamin(Narrator),Trevor Baxter(Narrator)

Writer: Jonathan Barnes

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: April 2017

Laura Vilensky 2019