Mission Improbable

Big Finish - Short Trips Special Release

Evelyn Smythe is back! She is in a prison cell on a planet where she and the 6th Doctor have been working on the overthrow of the current administration. The story begins with Evelyn in a prison cell, being interrogated by Captain Gaines. She proves herself very capable of not being intimidated and giving back as good as she gets. Love the scenes with Evelyn!

Then we switch to the Doctor coming to rescue her, wandering about the building from room to room. It includes his general thought processes and movements, which are actually pretty entertaining. So very Sixy, going from moment to moment, almost disaster to almost disaster. Then the conclusion is a bit of an emotional roller coaster with the ending not quite being a surprise but still a great moment you can almost predict. Very nicely done and enjoyable!

Narrator: Stephen Critchlow

Writer: Chris Wing

Release: March 2018

Laura Vilensky 2019