Big Finish, Special Release

The 4th Doctor runs across some message fragments that he wants to track down and reassemble with a disperser. Romana is annoyed with his distracted nature and makes a bet with him that he couldn’t stay out of trouble for 2 weeks. So the Doctor drops her off and sets about tracking down the fragments, getting himself into plenty of trouble, naturally.

Then comes the twist! What is the message about and why is he so obsessed with piecing it together? We don’t really get a hint until the big reveal and it’s quite the cunning little twist. But it’s quite the odd side adventure to pick up the Disperser with a mysterious reason to be shot at. It’s good but it really is too short, leaving out the reason for things to happen and some motivation points.

Narrator: John Banks

Writer: James Moran

Release: December 2012

Laura Vilensky 2019