The Age of Sutekh (7.8)

  Big Finish, Fourth Doctor Series

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This story begins with the Doctor getting a plan together and starting to take down the plans of Sutekh. Then on it goes! With the help of Rania, who "owns" the body Sutekh tries to steal, Dupree, the cop, and a few other rebellious non-handheld people, the Doctor and Leela fight for the city and planet. Leela may not agree with the Doctor not freeing all of the oppressed people of the city at first but she eventually understands that sometimes people need to learn to help themselves first.

Overall, this does a great job fighting off Sutekh but we know he escapes to fight the Doctor later. how he escapes it a bit of a mystery. The ending works great and even has a funny moment with the food machine. Very good stuff!

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), Sophia Myles (Rania Chuma), Gabriel Woolf (Sutekh), Eleanor Crooks (Kendra), John Dorney (Charlton Joyce), Barnaby Edwards (Ash/ Stall Owner/ Shop Keeper/ Barge Captain/ Dupree). Other parts played by members of the cast.

Writer: Guy Adams

Director: Nicholas Briggs, Ken Bentley

Release: May 2018

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