Dethras (6.4)

Big Finish, Fourth Doctor Series

This is one of those rare occasions where the story is named after a person, and a scientist who made questionable choices even. It’s a fun story and I really like how it’s laid out – we start with people pursuing Dethras and move to the Dr and Romana actually finding him in a 1940’s British submarine. But then, once the villain of the piece is revealed, the story just becomes kind if blah. The resolution just didn’t impress me and the second half of the story become less interesting. Fun story but the second half just didn’t live up to the first.

Tom Baker(The Doctor),Lalla Ward(Romana),Alistair Petrie(John),Shelia Ruskin(Flague),Josh Bolt(Philip),Brian Vernel(Robert),John Banks(Franklin),Jane Slavin(Xankari/ Teacher)

Writer: Adrian Poynton

Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: April 2017

Laura Vilensky 2019