Skin of the Sleek (6.8)

Big Finish, Fourth Doctor Series

I rather enjoyed this story, despite the fact that the Doctor doesn’t play much of a factor in the goings on. He chooses where he goes during the story, which is in quite some unexpected directions, but he doesn’t really factor in the story in a meaningful way. At least not in this first part of the two parter, with The Thief Who Stole Time.

I’ve heard that people either love or hate that these 4th Doctor stories reflect the era that they would’ve originally aired. This story fits right into that 80’s vibe, with the Doctor doing strange things for seemingly random reasons but we later discover that they had a reason behind them. At least to a certain degree… This story introduces a new baddie for the Romana II – 4th Doctor pairing, with Sartia a new Time Lord character looking to take Romana down a notch. The cliffhanger is quite good, though I think Romana’s a bit too forgiving and kind to the wench. As she is certainly a little insane and rude towards Romana, at the very least! This could be an interesting future set of stories for the run…

Tom Baker(The Doctor),Lalla Ward(Romana),Joannah Tincey(Sartia),Alan Cox(Eamonn Orensky),Kieran Hodgson(Klick Chervain),Des McAleer(Blujaw Skaldson),Alex Wyndham(Linnis Skaldson),Jamie Newall(Greygul),Jane Slavin(Frithra),John Banks(The Sleek)

Writer: Marc Platt

Director: Ken Bentley

Release: August 2017

Laura Vilensky 2019