Iron Bright, #239

Big Finish Main Range

I’m not a huge fan of historicals though I do learn a lot about characters in British history I’ve never heard of. The 6th Doctor is actually the best at historicals on his own at Big Finish! He always just blunders his way through and makes it work. So this is excellent as far as that goes. As per usual. But I was confused about the whole situation. Why didn’t the “aliens” look at their own work ever? Why just brick up the room and not investigate? Were their only scientists the ones involved in the accident?

The attitudes are all classic imperialism on both sides with who has the bigger gun being the winner. But neither wins, ultimately. And I like how the biggest issue is the poisons in the air thanks to the Industrial Revolution. Pointing out a simple fact without beating us over the head with it. It’ll kill our planet but first it’ll kill off these people. Nicely written and acted but the aliens were just the weak link to me.

Colin Baker(The Doctor),James MacCallum(Isambard Kingdom Brunel),Christopher Fairbank(Marc Brunel),Catherine Bailey(Tan),Imogen Church(Rispa / Lady Raffles),Becky Wright(Flo Hawkins / Alayna),Anthony Townsend(Richard Beamish / John Chubb),Sam Woodward(Charlie / Lord Raffles / Captain Sanderson),Richard Unwin(Tour Guide / Scientist). Other parts played by members of the cast.

Writer: Chris Chapman

Director: John Ainsworth

Release: June 2018

Laura Vilensky 2019