The Third Doctor: Vol 4

Big Finish, Special Release

Could these adventures get any better? I think they’re just improving as they go! Though I was a bit disappointed in the first adventure in this set at the beginning, it got better!

The Rise of the New Humans

-by- Guy Adams

Initially I was thinking the New Humans were the replicated people from the new series of Dr Who so I was a bit confused. But then they end up at The Allingham Institute and we find out about the experiments that Dr Kurdi is completing on humans. Then we run head-on into the results, where humans have fantastic mental and physical powers. And they have to save the world from humans gone mad with power and rage at what’s been done to them.

The Tyrants of Logic

-by- Marc Platt

The Doctor and Jo Grant arrive on a planet where an emergency situation has been going on for two years. There is a ship that landed with the cargo for an almost abandoned planet, which suffered from inattention for years after the Cyberwars. Then a resupply ship arrived with the crew dead, it appears. The Doctor and Jo are greeted by a cyber-hunter named Grier, who is hunting Cybermen across the galaxy, to make sure they’re exterminated. It’s fantastic how this adventure unravels at just the right pace. And the title doesn’t indicate Cybermen are involved at all, which is even more amazing!

The Doctor and Jo get wrapped up in the adventures here where a new form of Cyberman has been brought, called the Leveler. It’s never made clear to me how this Leveler would actually “level the playing field,” as I’m guess it supposed to. So the name’s a bit of an odd thing. Then we end up at the compound of Professor Marian Schaeffer, who’s husband is a partially transformed Cyberman hoping for an antidote. I won’t ruin the suprise or ending but suffice it to say, it’s a good one! Cybermen are one of my all time favorite monsters in Dr. Who and a great story with them is a winner in my book. And this is fantastic!

Tim Treloar(The Doctor), Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Rufus Hound (The Monk), Mina Anwar (Dr Kurdi), Joe Sims (Chief Orderly / Wilde / Jumper), Clare Corbett (Harriet / Woman / Radio Technician), Silas Hawkins (Francis / Morgue Attendant / Patient / Orderly), Linda Marlowe (Gusta Pardo), Carolyn Pickles (Professor Marian Schaeffer), Ronan Summers (Hollisen Grier), Jeff Rawle (Chad Caramel), Deli Segal (Skippa) andNicholas Briggs (The Cybermen). Other parts played by members of the cast.

Written by: Guy Adams and Marc Platt

Directed by: Nicholas Briggs

Released: March 2018

Laura Vilensky 2019