The Second Doctor, Volume 2

Big Finish Special Release

The Curator’s Egg

-by- Julian Richards

The best story of the bunch, in my mind. There are dinosaurs, a madman, Polly figuring it out and stopping the villain, and mind-body transference. What more could you ask for? Polly does more than deal with the drinks as she steps up and figures things out, along with doing “what the Doctor would do.” She is Andrew’s backbone in the story and I just love this story. Action and brains, that’s Polly!

The Dumb Waiter

-by- Rob Nisbet

This tale is also excellent for many reasons. There’s an alien monster holding a tea party in a forest. There’s also Leela, who returns to the past of the Doctor from the beginning of her time with the 4th Doctor. I just love that, plus she has battles with Jamie and they are both magnificent. The twists this story takes are just fantastic and happily, it centers around Jamie and Leela for the most part. Though Victoria does play her part in the end…

The Iron Maid

-by- John Pritchard

This story has Zoe being the one in charge, figuring things out. She really takes on the role of the Doctor except with more screaming, which was the most disappointing part. She figures out there is a strange time disparity going on then ultimately has to stop a Nazi officer from bringing WWII into the past.

The Tactics of Defeat

-by- Tony Jones

I’m of two minds with this tale. Deakin is a most interesting character, with alien nanotech keeping him alive and not the least bit humble. Captain Ruth Matheson has come for a canister of plague and some payback, for Charlie Soto in a previous short trip with the 8th Doctor. Who knows what else Deakin has in his ancient site that could destroy the world or shouldn’t be known about. He’s like an entire weapons bazar on his own! But Zoe is Ruth’s “in” with the pyramid and its traps. And her way out. This story also has many twists and turns but doesn’t work as well for me. Perhaps it’s just the characters involved but it’s still very good.

Anneke Wills(Polly / Narrator),Elliot Chapman(Ben Jackson / Andrew Clarkson / Zoltan Clarkson),Frazer Hines(Jamie McCrimmon / The Second Doctor), Wendy Padbury (Zoe Heriot / Narrator),Daphne Ashbrook(Captain Ruth Matheson),Louise Jameson(Leela / Mrs De Winter / Narrator),Matthew Brenher(Deakin),Jo Woodcock(Marie). Other parts played by members of the cast.

Writers: Julian Richards, Rob Nisbet, John Pritchard, Tony Jones

Directors: Helen Goldwyn, Lisa Bowerman

Released: June 2018

Laura Vilensky 2019