10th Doctor Adventures, vol. 2

Big Finish - Special Release

Infamy of the Zaross

-by-John Dorney

Jackie is visiting a friend in Norwich while the Zaross invade. Though it’s peculiar invasion where they claim to be taking over the world yet only seem to be invading Norwich. And the Doctor and Rose arrive to help stop the invasion to find a galactic reality show going on, where the losers on the planet are all destroyed for the ratings.

Jackie does a great job uncovering the plot on her own but gets captured for her troubles. Same with the Doctor and Rose but ultimately, the Zaross discover that the name recognition isn’t worth it.

The Sword of the Chevalier

-by-Guy Adams

Though the historical figure, The Chevalier d’Eon, is fascinating but not well used enough in this story for my preferences. There’s a party that the Doctor and Rose attend, which happens to be an invasion as well. As usual, the Doctor must figure it all out and save the day. Meh. It works but I liked it the least of these stories.

Cold Vengeance

-by-Matt Fitton

This story is fascinating for the location and enemies involved, the Ice Warriors. There is an orbiting cold freeze around a planet, providing the food for everyone below. But then pirates arrive and start melting the ice as a ransom attempt. And instead they awaken the Ice Warriors, who are still in a war with the humans that ended hundreds of years before. And somehow the warrior in charge, Lord Hosskor, of the Ice Warriors has abandoned all honor in his battles, which is a very strange sticking point for this story for me. It’s a good story overall but the conduct of the Ice Warriors is out of the norm.

David Tennant(The Doctor),Billie Piper(Rose Tyler),Camille Coduri(Jackie Tyler),Rosie Cavaliero(Marge Ellmore),Beth Lilly(Jess Ellmore),Guy Henry(Ikron),George Watkins(Tanan / Steve),George Asprey(Leader),Nickolas Grace(Chevalier D’Eon),Tam Williams(Christopher Dalliard),Mark Elstob(Joxer / Butler),Lucy Briggs-Owen(Hempel / Dancer / Duchess),James Joyce(Darcy / Groom),Keziah Joseph(Lorna),Maureen Beattie(Brona Volta),Sean Biggerstaff(Callum Volta),Anthony Stuart-Hicks(Management / Bert) andNicholas Briggs(Lord Hasskor / Commander Slaan)

Writers: John Dorney, Guy Adams, Matt FittonDirector: Nicholas Briggs

Release: November 2017

Laura Vilensky 2019