Erasure (8.04)

Big Finish - 8th Doctor Short Trips

Narvin is here to tell Leela a story after she receives a bump on the head. She’s unconscious but he tells her this tale anyway. And a rather grim one it is at that. It’s from the first time Narvin goes out into the universe as a CIA agent and meets the Doctor. The 4th Doctor and Adric, to be precise.

There is a planet, Belescone, where they have a mineral which allows the inhabitants to create chronon energy and, in a limited way, travel through time. So when Narvin arrives to figure out the situation, the Doctor is already there, talking to them, with Adric at his side. Then Adric is gone, actually gone from history, and the Doctor sends Narvin to solve the problem, which he does. But the story gets dark as the two scientists in charge have been removing people from history who don’t or won’t support their experiments. And the ending is very dark indeed. But a well told tale it is!

Narrator: Sean Carlsen

Writer: Gary Russell

Release: April 2018

Laura Vilensky 2019