The Sons of Kaldor (7.1)

  Big Finish, Fourth Doctor Series

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The Doctor and Leela appear to land in a spaceship where the robots are behaving quite strangely. I had no idea, while listening, that these are Voc robots from Kaldor – I do not recall this villain from the classic series but I make no claims to watching them all! Or they perhaps weren’t that memorable. So it turns out that there is someone trying to get into the ship, the Sons of Kaldor, a group of revolutionaries that took over from the old regime. And the captain of this ship is the only survivor, kept in extended stasis by the robots, spying behind enemy lines. But it’s been years and things have changed in the outside world while this ship was buried…

I really love the robots in this story! They are the best part of it, honestly. The people are just petty and corrupt, though the captain does come around a bit. The leader of the forces that enter the ship is a caricature of a petty bureaucrat who wants to crush anything of the old world. Down with history as we are the victors! He was pushing the story along but was by far the least interesting character. The storyline is a bit on the predictable side and ultimately ends well. All of the surprises come from the robots but they weren’t enough to make this an excellent story, just a very good one.

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), Martha Cope (Commander Lind), Oliver Dimsdale (Rebben Tace), Toby Hadoke (V26), John Dorney (Brin / SV9 / V12). Other parts played by members of the cast.

Writer: Andrew Smith

Director: Nicholas Briggs

Released: January 2018

© Laura Vilensky 2019