Collector’s Item

Big Finish, Short Trips

I enjoyed most of this story except for the rather pointless ending. It’s there to give a “moral of the story” to the shop owner but at the same time, it could’ve been avoided easily if the sphere had been tossed through the gap in space time right away or while they’re doing the comedic “tossing around” of the sphere. That seemed a bit like a keystone cops routine, thrown in for fun.

The Doctor and Sarah land at a bazar where the Doctor’s after a reading, either for a part for the TARDIS or something’s out of whack. That isn’t really clear to me, ultimately, though it becomes about the something is amiss storyline. This really felt like a 3rd Doctor story to me, with the atmosphere and way the Doctor behaves. So perhaps it’s supposed to be just after his regeneration? So they ultimately find a sphere that’s been the cause of the issues and more comedic moments ensue. Very odd. Then they pay a visit to the pawn shop proprietor, who has pilfered some parts from a crashed space ship. And they have to show him what could happen if he does that without consideration for what he finds. Moral ending and all is good. Just a bit odd but good.

Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, read by Stephen Critchlow

Writer: Paul J Salamoff

Release: March 2017

Laura Vilensky 2019